These Walmart Cameras Captured More Than They Expected

walmart escape vacation

Sometimes you just need a break. Whether it’s a vacation you take to escape the chaotic landscape in Washington or just the chaos at your job.

This slideshow is your perfect escape, right from the comfort of your computer. I guarantee you’ll LOL or OMG at some of the whack people who dare to show up at Walmart dress like this.

Now let’s begin our Weird People of Walmart Slideshow.


1.) Is that a wig or do you just need a haircut?

what is walmart stock price

Have you seen these people at your local St. Cloud Walmart cashing checks or buying terrible movies on Laser Dic? I hope for your sake you have not.

Despite these crazy people, I still love my local Fall River Walmart. They literally have everything you need. Their stock is crushing it, they have a ton of benefits for their Walmart credit card holders, and most of the stores are open at all hours of the day. I remember as a kid just strolling Walmart at 12pm because everything else in my town was closed.

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  1. Who gives you the right to mock, humiliate or judge anyone based on how they are dressed? How very sad that anyone has time to compile these photos and how very wrong to post someone’s photos without their consent and without any regards for their feelings. Shame on you.

  2. These people abandoned any privacy right they may have had the minute they left home dressed the way they were and entered public view. Laugh, commiserate, ignore. Your choice, not theirs anymore.

  3. These people have no respect for others or themselves, not making fun of anybody, but some of these people have to be crazy to go out in public undressed showing their A•• that way. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOS!!!!

  4. I think the worst kinds of people are the ones who lie and cheat and judge others and project there bias feelings on others. Yes I am talking about you pieces of shit liberals whether you are the elite media or the elite politicians or the elite Hollywood so called stars. You people make me sick. You judge. You think you are better than others. Don’t get me wrong. I love and adore animals. I have two cats and four dogs. I hate abuse of animals. But I get so angry when I see you and your advertisement about saving the animals. But you are the same people who think it’s ok to kill babies. You are against capital punishment for atrocious crimes at the same time it’s ok to kill innocent babies. You people sicken me.

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