Tips for Cleaning the Dirtiest Areas of Your House Quickly


Everyone loves a nice clean house.  There is nothing more frustrating than someone showing up unannounced and you have a mess of a house on your hands. With these tips, you’ll be kicking back with your feet up, enjoying your clean house in no time. Plus we’ve thrown in a couple of tips to KEEP things clean and in the end cut down on the work you have to do in the future when you clean.

Cleaning the oven


When you start in the kitchen, you first want to wash all of the glasses and dishes and load the dishwasher. Once you’ve got a sink full of dishes out of the way, sanitize and clean the sink. Now you have a clear work area that can be used for any other cleaning duties. You always want to make sure you leave the stove for last since it is generally the most dirty part of the kitchen. With the sink clear, you can now run hot soapy water, soak parts of stove and so on.  Make sure you have a good de-greasing soap and a new sponge.

Once you’ve cleaned the stove you can finish by wiping down counters and appliances with paper towels and either homemade cleaner (we love Vinegar and Water) or a product like Windex. Finally, you’ll want to add a little baking soda in the garbage disposal to prevent any smells and zap the sponges in the microwave to kill germs. Hit start on the dishwasher and your done with the bulk of the work.

Next you’ll want to tackle those floors. Sweep, and then mop with hot water and vinegar for tile floors.  Vinegar will also help to break down the build up and tackle sticky spots in a flash. Then wait for it to dry!




When you are going to do the bathrooms you want to start with clearing laundry and linens out of the bathrooms and throwing them into a wash cycle.  If you have a shower curtain, you might want to wash that too at this time. Since these are in the bathroom you’ll want to run them with hot water and detergent. Then you need to start making things sparkle.  You’ll need a great glass cleaner or multipurpose cleaner and then start making things sparkle! If you have tough hard water stains think about rubbing a half of lemon on surfaces, let it sit and then rise off and dry with a towel. The acid in the lemon will break down the acid.

If hard water is really an issue, you may want to use vinegar and baking soda to break things up.  In some cases I have first used a lemon to break things up and then follow with vinegar and water.  This generally does the trick!

Then you’ll want to clean the toilet. Just plash a little hydrogen peroxide (about a 1/4 cup) in the water, swish it with a toilet brush and you are done! If there is a ring in the toilet then you’ll need to use a cleaner and a new sponge and scrub.  You can also add a 12 oz bottle of Coke and let it sit two hours, then flush. It generally removes the ring (scary right) because of the chemicals in the soda. Once you have let it sit for an hour or two, flush.  Generally the ring will be gone.

Then you will want to tackle the shower and tub. This area can be tricky. You’ll need to have a good cleaner and a sponge that can scrub. Spray on the cleaner, let it soak for a moment and then rub the sponge over the surfaces. From here on out if you remember to spray your shower and tub after each use, you’ll have little to no work the next time you clean.

After starting this method for cleaning, I have cut my totally cleaning time in half!  Plus using natural products like vinegar will help cut down your cleaning budget to next to nothing!









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