Here’s How to Stop Those Annoying Robocalls

We Asked the Experts and Here’s What They Told Us

Think about a time when an unknown number called your house.

It was probably a bit strange and repetitive; something like 888-666-4444.

You looked at the caller ID on your phone’s screen, thought about it for a while, then shrugged it off.

Then they called again. And again. And one more time. They were wasting your precious monthly talking minutes with their automated scams, taunting you with everything from a free vacation to jail time if you didn’t return their call promptly.

Finally, you’ve had it. Furious and frustrated, you know that something had to be done. These robocalls are coming in at all hours of the day, waking you up at night, and spamming your voicemail with their monotonous automated messages.

Find some solace in the fact that you are not alone in your anger.

According to ConsumerReports, more than 150,000 consumers complain to the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission about robocalls every single month.

Unfortunately, these complaints aren’t enough to wipe the automated giants off the map for good. So what can we do to keep a piece of our sanity and stop these calls from ruining our day?

If you follow a few of these tips, you’ll be seeing a dramatic decline in the number of robocalls you receive in no time at all.

Top 5 ways to stop robocalls

Make sure you have opted to be a part of the National Do Not Call List.


Let’s be clear about something right off the bat: Putting your name on this list is not going to prevent you from ever getting an unwanted phone call ever again.

Unfortunately, the National Do Not Call Registry can only prevent legitimate businesses from calling you.

Those pesky scammers will continue to call you relentlessly, but this will still significantly decrease the number of phone calls you receive in a single day to only the illegitimate scammers.

File a FTC complaint on the phone number and report it as a scam.


If you have the phone number of the automated service that continues to call you, do a reverse lookup and find out where the phone number is coming from and the company behind it.

From there, once you have confirmed that it is indeed a scam, you can file a complaint with the FTC and they will do an in depth investigation on it.


If you are unsure as to how to figure out whether or not the phone number calling you is a scam, I recommend an app like Hiya.

This app has a massive database of consumer-reported scammers and will let you know if others in your area are being harassed by the same annoying number.

Don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize the phone number.robo-3








Robocalls are usually automated services, which means that you won’t be talking to a live person. If you answer the phone, you may automatically be put onto a larger list of confirmed humans, thus leading to more automated phone calls in the future. If you never answer any of these spam numbers, you are actually making it look like the number doesn’t belong to anyone. Eventually, you may get removed from the list altogether and won’t be bothered anymore.

Keep your phone up to date.







While Androids usually block automated numbers pretty nicely, iOS 10 software will allow iPhone users to have similar powers. These will allow users to block callers in bulk without putting the numbers into your address book first.This is especially important because the inconvenience of having automated numbers in your address book is typically a very common reason that people do not block these numbers on their iPhones.

Sign up with Nomorobo


Call blocking services like Nomorobo will create an address book that updates itself every few minutes to include the most up to date phone number information on scammers. This service temporarily bans phone numbers from calling your phone for just $5 per month. It promises no ads and no gimmicks, 24/7 protection, a blocked database of over 260,000 robocallers, unlimited landline protection, and up to 4 iPhone or Android devices. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, I suggest getting on it ASAP, as there is currently a waiting list.


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