27 U.S. Presidents and Hopefuls Ranked By IQ Score

Ruling a country is one tough job that requires more than a degree. It requires a lot of skills for you to do your job well. With the different agencies and bodies that you need to deal with, every decision you make can’t go wrong. Every failed resolution requires you to explain the reason to the people.

For a president to be effective in ruling a country, he has to be intelligent or else the citizens will suffer. A country’s problems are endless and the president needs to have a resolution for each of them. These problems are harder than the subjects under your curriculum and their resolutions should be good for long terms. Want to know who dominates the list? Here are the presidents and the presidential hopefuls of America with great IQs!



Bae Daily
Bae Daily

George W. Bush accomplished a lot during his reign as the 43rd president of the United States. His former aide, Keith Hennessey, praised him for his analytical and keen mindset. Hennessey even told his class in Stanford that the former president is smarter than any of them. The Bush administration gave billions of dollars to Africa as humanitarian efforts for fighting malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Bush has always been transparent with his Yale transcript grades to the public. He never received an A but was consistent in maintaining a C average. This comes as a good news for other presidential hopefuls.

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