When Money is Tight, These 11 Resources Help Almost Anyone

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When you check your bank account, how do your savings look?

Things could always be better, right?

Every time you make progress you get hit with a car bill, a medical bill.

We’re not judging, we’ve been there too.

We’re here to help — that’s why we wrote this Guide.

These are all proven ways to help you build your savings so you can breathe easier.

1. Get Paid $25 Hour Working Your Own Hours

DoorDash lets you be your own boss and set your own schedule by making deliveries. Customers place an order from the list of restaurants including Starbucks, Chipotle and hundreds of others in your area. The app then pushes orders to any nearby Dashers who are logged in. Just pick up the food, drop it off and get paid!

You get to keep 100% of the delivery fee plus any tips or boosts. Dashers earn an average of $15-25 an hour. Due to COVID-19, all orders are no-contact by default.

Work as much or as little as you want. You set your hours, so the earning potential is up to you. To be a Dasher, you’ll just need a vehicle, a smartphone, and be over the age of 18.

Sign up with DoorDash

2. Start Shopping Plans And Get Back $1,011.84

If you currently have Home Insurance, Life Insurance,
Auto Insurance or Medicare Insurance, YOU ARE PAYING TOO MUCH.

I don’t even have to know anything about you to know that.

Want to know the reason why?

You’ve stopped shopping insurance plans.

Here’s what you did:

Say you were shopping for auto insurance — you
probably compared a couple rates, and picked the best one.

But when was that? Was it last year? 5 years ago?

FACT: If you haven’t shopped for rates in the
past 12 months, you are missing out on savings.

There are more insurance providers than ever and

That means low, low rates for shoppers or switches.

There was a study done on Medicare Advantage Plans,
and they found that when consumers compared 7 Plans,
they ended up saving $1,011.84.

It takes less than 30 seconds to find out how much
you could be saving, click here to get started. 

3. Crush your debt with a
historically low interest loan

If you’re looking for a chunk of change and earn more than $20,000/year,
a personal loan could be a good option.

Our partner AmOne will match you with loan providers to fit your
specific needs. In only 2 minutes, you could get matched for
a loan up to $50,000 and rates as low as 3.49%.

Why not see if you qualify? It will NOT affect your credit score.

Get a loan offer here

4. Get smarter about money
in just 5 minutes a day

“Wealthy” is all about numbers. “Worthy” is a mindset.

If you’re the type of person who’s passionate about growing your
net worth and becoming financially independent,
then you belong in Worthy —
our brand-new personal finance community.

Join Worthy, and you’ll get expert advice on earning more, investing smarter, and saving for the life you want – right in your inbox, for free! Stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends that could impact your wallet, and get access to exclusive insider content and special offers.

Sign up now and join thousands of people who are getting smarter about money every day with Worthy.

Ready to get smarter?

If you’re one of the 78% of Americans who live paycheck-to-paycheck, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra financial cushion especially at the end of the month when rent is due?

With a Chime account, you can not only avoid overdraft fees if your balance runs low, they’ll actually spot you up to $100* on debit card purchases.

With Chime, there are also no hidden fees~ like monthly fees or minimum balance fees and they’ll even help you get your paycheck up to two days early if you use direct deposit^.

Apply online in just two minutes — there’s no credit check required.

Sign up for Chime now

5. Instantly raise your credit score
with just 1-click

Your credit score affects whether you can get approved for a loan, a credit card, or even a new job. Usually it can take weeks or months to improve your credit score, but there’s an innovative new service that could help you raise your FICO® Score instantly.

Experian Boost™ can help you get credit for making on-time payments for your phone and utility bills. The process takes just minutes and if qualifying payments are identified, you can include this positive information in your credit file. (Don’t worry: If you have any negative marks, those won’t count against you.)


Since launching, Experian Boost has collectively increased FICO® Scores across America by over 10 million points. It’s 100% free and new credit scores take effect immediately.

I used this and got a 15 point bump in my credit score,
my score was already in the 700s so maybe you’ll have
a bigger boost depending on your score.

Sign up for Experian Boost now

6. Budget better and trim up
to $720 from your bills

Ever look at your bank account and wonder where your paycheck went? Poof, it’s gone and you’re not exactly sure where you spent it. A budgeting app like Truebill can help you take control of your money — spend intentionally on the things you value and stop throwing money away on unimportant things.

Once you have a complete picture of your finances, it’s easy to see ways to save. And Truebill can help make those potential savings a reality. Their expert negotiators can call the cable company and phone company to help lower your bills. They’ll also help you cancel unwanted subscriptions and put that money back in your bank account where it belongs.

Truebill has already helped save its members over $50,000,000 on their bills without much time and effort.

Download Truebill now

7. Save an average of $5,300 while
paying off your credit card debt

It can be tough to get out of credit card debt.
With high APR credit cards, the interest can pile up
even if you make all your payments on time. With a
little help, you can start making progress and
finally see your balances shrink.

Tally is an app that can help you pay off your
debt faster
. Just transfer your high-interest
credit card balances to a Tally line of credit —
a move that could potentially save you
hundreds of dollars.

Then use the savings to pay down your debt faster.

Tally users see an average lifetime savings of $5,300.

1 If you have a credit score of at least 660,
it just takes minutes to see how much you could save.
Don’t worry – signing up won’t hurt your credit score.

Download Tally now

8. Turn your $1,000 into $2,000 without even thinking about it

If you’re ready to start saving for next month’s rent, consider Digit. It’s like your smart financial assistant, dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals. Just tell Digit what your goal is — whether it’s paying your rent, saving for a vacation, or building that emergency fund — then let their sophisticated algorithms do the rest.

Digit will analyze your spending habits then automatically move the perfect amount to your secure Digit account. You’ll start saving without even thinking about it or changing your lifestyle.

Digit has already helped its users save over $2.5 billion dollars!

Sign up for Digit here

9. Turn a photo of your grocery receipt into an Amazon gift card

Even if you’re on a tight budget, what’s one expense that won’t go away? Your grocery bill.

Now you can get rewarded for your grocery bills with an app that lets you earn gift cards from pictures of your grocery receipts.

All you need is your phone and the Fetch app. After you’re done shopping, just snap a photo of your receipt. Your photo earns points. Then you can redeem those points for gift cards at popular stores like Amazon, Target, and Home Depot.

BONUS: You’ll get 2,000 points bonus when you enter this referral code: BUZZ before you scan your first receipt.

Sign up for Fetch today

10. Turn your skills into cash

If you’re handy, you take those skills and turn them into cash.

With new projects coming through HomeAdvisor every two seconds, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s painting, mowing lawns, cleaning houses or larger projects like roof and fence installations, HomeAdvisor can connect you to these jobs. HomeAdvisor will set you up with an online business profile and help you collect customer reviews to land your next job.

With over 100 million lifetime service requests and thousands of users searching every day, what are you waiting for?

Sign up for HomeAdvisor here

11. Get $5 to start investing in
Apple or Amazon or Netflix

The only way to get out of the cycle of living Paycheck to Paycheck is by investing in yourself.

Take those $5 bills you spend on Starbucks and start investing them.

The best news? You don’t even need $5 to get started — All it takes is $1!

Stash is a great place for beginning investors to get started. You can buy fractional shares (partial shares) in companies that are household names like Apple, Google, and Amazon. Normally a single share of these companies would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but you only need $1 to get started with Stash.

Stash also offers all kinds of tools and guides to help you along the way and you can use the Stash app to track your investments from anywhere.

For a limited time Stash will give you $5 to invest when you make your first investment.2

Sign up for Stash now

BONUS: Save up to $500 on car insurance

Car insurance can be expensive, so you want to
make sure you’re not overpaying on your current premium.

FinanceBuzz has made it easy to search and compare quotes. Think of it as Kayak, but for car insurance.

We can help match you to insurance carriers and regional agencies to help you save on your car insurance. FinanceBuzz can save drivers up to $500 per year compared to their current insurance premiums.

It takes less than 5 minutes to fill out the form and you’ll receive a list of matches that show you online, email, and potentially phone quotes.

Click here to get started

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