Thrifty Mom Shares How to Make Your Fruits & Veggie Last Longer

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Fruits and vegetables are important in everyone’s diet. They are a good source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a lot more. Not all fruits and veggies have all the nutrition that we need. This reason is why we should consume them in varieties.


As moms, we always make sure that our family stays healthy with the food we serve them. We do our homework on researching various recipes jam-packed with the nutrition they need. Now, the question is this. With weekends as market days, how do you prolong the lifespan of your fruits and veggies for the whole week? As the main person in charge in the kitchen, moms should know how to address this concern. They should know this or else their food expenditure will go beyond the budget.

Is It Necessary For Fruits And Veggies Last Longer?

Definitely, the answer is a humongous YES! One of the reasons why you should keep your fruits and veggies from easily rotting is to save time. You got that right. Letting your ingredients rot in the kitchen without trying your best to preserve them will keep you buying them in the market several times a week. That is alright if you are not a working mom. But if you are, this habit will be too much of a hassle for you.

Another reason for keeping your fruits and veggies last longer is for you to save. When you give your best to preserve them, you are saving some bucks from your budget. When you have spared some amount, you can have an extra budget for other important household expenditures.

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