40 Completely Legitimate Ways to Make Money Without Getting Off The Couch

We Used This List to Make $500 Extra Every Month, and You Can Too. Enjoy!

2. Sell your old shoes and handbags.

Kids grow out of toys and clothes, but adults grow out of shoes and handbags… Or maybe it’s less that we grow out of them, and more that styles evolve. The seasonal bright pink designer handbag you purchased on a whim last summer proved to be an excellent purchase for those last 3 weeks of warm weather. But now that it’s winter, you’re faced with a problem: Do you wear a pink bag in winter or do you purchase a new one? Whether you like it or not, shoes and handbags (and the people who purchase them) are fickle. Selling the stuff you no longer use to E-bay or Half.com will not only clear out your closet considerably and make room for new items, but it will also leave your wallet feeling a little bit heavier at the end of the day.

3. Formal wear.

We’ve all been there: You get an invitation to a wedding and the dress attire is black tie formal. You look through your closet, realize you don’t have anything appropriate to wear, and go out to the store and spend $300 on an outfit that you are going to wear once. Then, for the next six months, you catch sight of that expensive outfit, and feel your rage grow considerably every single day. To save yourself the stress, here’s an idea. Why not sell your formal wear that you never plan to wear again on E-bay or Half.com?

4. Books and DVDS that are still in good shape.

Like toys and clothes, books and dvds can be sold on sites like Ebay and Half.com. As long as they are in good condition (never opened or used is obviously preferable), you can sell them at one of these online marketplaces for nearly full value.


5. Digital photos that you have taken.

If you have a digital camera, you can make extra money by selling your photos to stock galleries. Stock galleries buy photos from amateur photographers like you to then add to their collections. You can become a contributor to sites like iStock and ShutterStock by visiting their respective websites and following the appropriate steps.

6. Your crafts and other self made products.

If you are  a creative soul with a knack for making unique DIY items, you may want to consider selling them. Websites like Etsy welcome amateur artists from all over the world to sell their jewelry, crafts, pillows, and the like in the online marketplace. Etsy’s growing popularity among buyers make it a haven for sellers looking to make a little extra cash from their hobby.

7. Your babysitting services.

The world is a scary place, so it’s no surprise that parents are hesitant to leave their children alone with complete strangers. To help remedy this, websites like SitterCity and Care.com have popped up and made their mark on the babysitting industry. Parents are able to connect with potential sitters in their area, go through an interviewing process, and choose who they feel is the best fit for the job. There is no shortage of sitters on the site, but there is no shortage of parents either, so you are virtually guaranteed to at least be considered for a job or two.



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