This Savvy Mom’s Guide to Painless, Affordable Laser Hair Removal

Everyone loves smooth, clean legs, hairless legs.

The thing is, its a pain in the butt to have to shave your legs everyday to get this look.

I heard from friends who had tried this new process, that (unlike Nair), is able to laser away your hair without causing a really foul smell or damaging your body.

At the time, they had to go to a clinic, and pay a ton of money for the process, so I never looked into it for myself.

Then I saw an ad online.

It was for a device that lets you do laser hair removal safely and effectively at home, and at an affordable price.

How Exactly Does This “Lasering” Work?

But first, let’s talk about how exactly laser hair removal works.


Laser hair removal was originally invented back in the 1960s by Theodore H. Maiman. His technique used a ruby laser that destroyed hair follicles.

But the process was inefficient, painful and damaging to the skin, so it never gained wide acceptance.

Fast forward four years later and a group of scientists created the YAG laser (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet; Nd:Y3Al5O12), which scientifically speaking, is a solid-state laser that is able to destroy hair follicles in an efficient, painless process.

This laser was approved by the FDA in 1964, and is now the standard bearer you find in spas and in in-home devices.

This is how it works: The laser sends out a highly concentrated beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment (color) in the hair follicles which then destroys the hair.

For people with lighter hair, it can take only a couple months to completely remove hair, and for those with darker hair, it may take under a year.

Why Should I Use a Laser When I Could Just Keep Shaving?

  1. The treatments are actually really quick. The modern technology used in laser hair removal are quicker than you expect, depending on the area of hair removal. Like for some armpit hair removal, the treatment only takes 20 minutes of your time.
  2. In the long run that you are saving money. Laser hair removal provides a permanent hair reduction. This means that you save money from the endless purchase of razors, shaving or depilatory creams, and monthly waxing appointments. The cost for laser hair removal decreases while that of waxing increases. You may pay a one-time-big-time cost for your laser hair removal now. However, if you sum up the cost you have for waxing, it is lesser.
  3. You can prevent and even eliminate ingrown hairs. Shaving and waxing may cause you to have ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal is the best option that you can have to prevent this, especially if your skin is sensitive. You can also say your goodbye to skin irritation caused by waxing and shaving.
  4. You can save time. Laser hair removal saves you time from your daily shaving. You may do it for a lifetime if you will not resort to laser hair removal.
  5. You won’t need to shave anymore once you start your treatments. With laser hair removal, you may shave in between treatments, in which you cannot do with waxing. You may shave limitlessly in between your treatments without worrying about hair growth.

You may be thinking…


These benefits are great, but I don’t have thousands of dollars and the time to go to clinics, even though the treatments may be fast and painless (and save me money in the long run).

I’m with you, and that’s why I was so excited to check out this new product from Silk’N.

Here’s How Silk’n Is Revolutionizing the Laser Hair Removal Industry?

laser hair removal

Typical hair removal salons charge anywhere from $500 up to $900 for complete elimination sessions, which is just cray!

Silk’n devices start at just $199, and that’s for the lifetime of the device.

I’ve also got a special code “BEAUTIFUL” that gets you $30 off just by using my link.

The device is FDA approved, and has been featured literally on every major TV show.

So here’s the deal. If you hate shaving your legs, and have always wanted to try out lasering, then today is the day you stop shaving your legs forever

Now if you don’t take my advice, and the next time you’re standing in the shower shaving away, I hope you remember that it’s not too late 🙂

silkn review

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