Homemade Versions of Store Bought Foods You’ll Love

homemade foods

I love making a homemade version of items I normally buy pre-made. The recipes are not aways winners but once in a while you come across those that actually taste better then their store bought counter parts. Seriously, I mean if you have never had a homemade Snickers bar then you have not had a real reason to smile! Seriously good eats!

homemade moon pies

Homemade Moon Pies

I love these. The chewy cookies and chocolate combined with that fluffy marshmallow center…it’s just heaven. This recipe is so good.  You’ll never buy a store bought moon pie again! Grab the recipe now from Roxana’s Home Baking.

homemade snickers bar


Homemade Snickers Bars

This is one of my most favorite recipes to make. They are a little tricky but just make sure that you follow the directions and you’ll be fine!  These do not last long and make sure you have milk! Grab the recipes at How Sweet it is.


Homemade Oreos

These are so good. My kids ate so many of them that I finally had to hide the rest. They have much more flavor than real Oreos. In fact, I am personally not an Oreo fan-but these make me change my mind. You can get the recipe at Bless This Mess.


Orange Juilius

5-Ingredient Orange Julius

This is a great recipe and my family loved it. It is actually made with Greek yogurt and I love that!  The kids loved making this in the blender and there was not a drop left when they were done! Give this recipe a try! Grab it from Handmade Charlotte.


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