FTC Disclosure

Federal Trade Commission: Disclosure Notice and Policy

We here at Free Samples hold to an internal standard of full transparency towards our readers with respect to our relationships with advertisers and affiliate programs. We also are in full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s policies for media disclosure.


Free Samples participates in an affiliate program with many different companies. Links originating on Free Samples sites that lead to product purchases at businesses sites generate affiliate revenue for Free Samples.


Free Samples’s advertising team also at times accepts and publishes sponsored posts, which are clearly highlighted as sponsored advertising, and are marked as separate from the editorial stream of content. These are advertising products and as such are generated separately from the editorial process.



Other than the above-mentioned affiliate links and the clearly-marked sponsored posts, all content and reviews on Free Samples sites are strictly editorially driven and are generated without payment or incentive by advertisers or external companies. Absolutely no payments in cash or in kind are solicited or accepted from advertisers or external companies for posts written and published on Free Samples sites.

Free Samples also makes every effort to test and review products fairly and transparently. When we have received a product for purposes of testing or review, that fact will be noted at the bottom of the review post.* The views expressed in our reviews are always, however, the personal views of our editors and written for the sole purpose of informing our readers accurately.