Free U by Kotex Sample Pack



*BACK AGAIN* Get a Free U by Kotex Sample Pack if you haven’t already! Kotex is a brand trusted by thousands of women worldwide! They have a selection of pads, tampons and other worthwhile discreet products plus news, information and tips that are essential for today’s modern woman! Just fill in your information and they will send you out your Freebie!



  1. The website is flakey you have to redo your app all the time. And you never get your free things why lie just do wjat you say BE HONEST

  2. I do not know what you are asking for when you say web site and also is this where. I am suppose to fill out to get a sample. Last time I entered this site I received nothing. What am I doing wrong are is this a hoax?

  3. what am I suppose to put in the website spot?
    why do you ask people to fill out such a form just to receive samples?

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