Free Stuff for Your Pup – 50 Hidden Menus & Items for Pup

The world is getting more dog-friendly by the day. Many restaurants, including some fast food restaurants, now have hidden menus and items that cater to dogs. This can make it much easier for you to enjoy a night out without leaving your best friend behind. Try these 50 options to get started.

In ‘N’ Out Burger


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The Pup Patty at In ‘N’ Out is just like the burger you enjoy, except it comes plain without salt.




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Some Culver’s will give your dog a milk bone that sits in a scoop of vanilla ice cream.




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The next time you get a latte at Starbucks, order your dog a puppiccino. It’s a small cup of whip cream.


Shake Shack



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Shake Shack has several desserts for dogs, including dog biscuits covered in peanut butter sauce.


Sprinkles Cupcakes


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The Doggie Cupcakes at Sprinkles are sugar-free, and they come with a topping made from yogurt, so they’re healthy and delicious.


Tim Hortons


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You probably wouldn’t give a sugary Timbit to your dog. Luckily, Tim Hortons offers a pet-friendly version that isn’t coated in sugar.


Dairy Queen


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The Pup Cup is a small serving of vanilla soft serve. Some Dairy Queen locations will give your dog one for free. Others charge.


Sonic Drive-in


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There’s no reason to eat alone at Sonic. Bring your pup and enjoy a free dog treat brought right to your car.




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Some, but not all, Chick-fil-a locations will give your dog a biscuit when you use the drive-thru.


Moss Beach Distillery


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Moss Beach Distillery has a whole menu just for dogs. Just don’t give your pup too much beer.


Johnny Rockets


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Most Johnny Rockets locations will give your dog a cut-up hamburger patty. One in Victoria Gardens has a full menu for dogs.


Dairy Kastle


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The Dairy Kastle in Louisville, KY sells a dollop of soft serve covered in milk bones. And it only costs about a dollar.


Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt


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Handel’s offers your pooch Dogsters. It is a treat made from peanut butter and mint. Believe it or not, it has been approved by vets. Don’t tell your dog it’s healthy. That could ruin the whole experience for her.


Tin Shed Garden Cafe


Image via Tin Shed Garden Café


This Portland, OR eatery has a menu items for dogs. The “outdoor” dining area has a roof and walls, so you can dine with your best friend at any time of year. Tuesday is Doggie Love Night at the Tin Shed, when you get a free doggie item with your meal.


Lazy Dog Cafe


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This dog-friendly restaurant serves rice and beef to your furry friend when you sit in the patio area. When you go to the Lazy Dog Cafe, make sure you bring a hungry pup with you.


Rocks and Brews


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Rocks and Brews has an outdoor area for dogs. It even has a doggie menu so your pup won’t constantly beg during your meal. Of course, if she has ever tasted beer, she will still probably want a few licks.


Besa Grill


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Besa Grill in Clearwater, FL will give your dog meatballs and a small side of Bowser Beer that is meat-flavored. You know that you’re tempted to taste that beer. The meatballs actually sound pretty good, too!


Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden


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This local favorite in Austin, TX serves a Woof Wurst made from beef and pork. Don’t bother feeding your dog dinner before heading to Banger’s. The Woof Wurst is way better than dry dog food.


Cafe Fina


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Cafe Fina in Monterey, CA serves a New York strip that has been grilled and sliced for your dog. You may feel a little jealous. Don’t worry. They’ll make you a steak, too, if that’s what you want.


Cafe Limelight


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Cafe Limelight in Santa Cruz serves roasted turkey and roasted pig ears to hungry dogs. You can also get dental treat for clean breath after the meal. For some dogs, this may be the first time that they’ve ever had nice breath. Enjoy it. It won’t last long.


Dog Park Cafe


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Your dog is in for something special with the Doggie California Roll-over at Temecula’s Dog Park Cafe. Sushi for dogs isn’t that different from sushi for humans. Dog Park Cafe probably leaves out the ginger and soy sauce, though. You’ll thank them later when you’re snuggled up with your pooch.




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This Cape Elizabeth, ME restaurant serves Doggy Gumbo made from angus beef tips. For dessert, it’s ice cream with crumble dog biscuits at Seaglass. There will be moments when you consider taking food from your dog. Resist that urge, but don’t feel embarrassed. How often does your dog get to be the one who says “no begging”?


Art and Soul


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The Art and Soul in Washington, D.C. has a six-ounce grilled steak called the Hungry Dawg. Your dog will love you forever after that meal. Or at least until she gets hungry again and expects another gourmet meal.


Hamburger Heaven


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If you’re in West Palm Beach, FL, stop by Hamburger Heaven to get your dog an order of rice served with a baked sweet potato and steamed salmon. Also, try not to steal a bite for yourself.


The Nauti Dawg Marina Cafe


Image via The Nauti Dawg Marina Café



The Nauti Dawg has an entire menu devoted to their canine friends. If you’re dog could read, she would certainly order one of everything. Luckily, canines haven’t mastered that skill yet, so you can choose what she gets.


Barking Dog Cafe


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A small menu and doggie water fountain will make all pups feel at home when they visit the Barking Dog Restaurant in Manhattan.


Hot Dog Cafe


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Hot Dog Cafe not only has menu items for dogs. It also has an indoor dog park and grooming services. If you have a dog who hates getting her hair cut, this cafe will probably change her mind quickly. Cupcakes will do that.


The Attic


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With four meaty options, your dog will love this Long Beach restaurant. You might want to choose the Attic’s steak for your pup’s next birthday celebration.




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SupportTNR, a restaurant in Taiwan, not only serves dogs, but also donates a portion of proceeds to neutering programs to help control the local population. That’s good news for dogs and the people who want to make sure they have safe places to live.


Old Town Liquors


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If you’re ever buying wine, beer, or liquor in Louisville, stop by Old Town Liquors for a free dog treat. Tell your dog that she doesn’t have to be shy. When she starts inching behind the counter, someone will know what she’s looking for. The store also keeps a bowl of water outside the front entrance on hot days.


O’Bistro Cafe


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O’Bistro Cafe in San Diego provides water bowls and free treats furry visitors. It’s not the longest dog menu in the area, but it will keep your hound busy while you enjoy your meal. Plus, did we mention that the treats are free?


Rick’s Dog Deli


Image via Rick’s Dog Deli


Rick’s Dog Deli serves a wide range of foods just for dogs. If you’re the kind of person who wants to take your dog everywhere you go, this will quickly become one of your favorite restaurants.


Big Burger Spot


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Big Burger Spot in Greensboro, NC spot has great burgers for both you and your pooch.


Cassis American Brasserie


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Cassis American Brasserie has main courses and appetizers for dogs. There isn’t a dessert menu, but you can always share a bite of your own. Just don’t give your favorite pup chocolate. It’s bad for them!


Woodshed Smokehouse


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Woodshed Smokehouse has a Poochie Menu that includes a wide range of dishes. Some common items found on the menu include organic beef rib bones, peanut butter bones, and rawhide bones dipped in pit master fat.


The Dining Dog


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The Dining Dog is a restaurant specifically made for dogs. Finally, your pooch gets to feel like she’s in charge while you salivate over cupcakes made from peanut butter, bacon, pot roast, and steak.


  1. La Palapa del Mar


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La Palapa del Mar serves basic dog biscuits for pups who need small snacks. If you want to give your canine something more substantial, you can get her an order of dog-friendly bbq.


Park Bench Cafe


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Park Bench Cafe serves some impressive canine dishes like all-beef hotdogs without buns and boneless, skinless chicken that comes cut into bite-sized pieces.


Cat and Fiddle


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Despite being named the Cat and Fiddle, this Hollywood eatery prefers serving dogs instead of cats or fiddles. It’s a place where your dog will feel like the queen she knows she really is.


Bittersweet Bistro


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Bittersweet Bistro in Aptos, CA has a dog menu for pooches on the patio. No, dogs shouldn’t drink the martinis. But they do get bowls of water to wash down their meals.


Dolphin View


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Take your dog to Dolphin View when visiting New Smyrna Beach. It’s a pup-friendly restaurant that will serve up free dog biscuits to canines dining on the porch.


Crazees Ice Cream Parlor


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Crazees Ice Cream Parlor in New Jersey is happy to serve dogs and humans alike. A lot of dogs love ice cream. Since some are lactose intolerant, though, you will want to start with small servings to see how your dog reacts.


Morrison Pub


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Morrison Pub in Atwater Village has unveiled a dog menu that meets the nutritional needs of four-legged companions. Keep your dog satisfied and trim by choosing one of the pub’s healthy meals.


Meat Market


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The Meat Market in Miami is happy to serve water (and a few laps of beer) to their canine guests.


Burger & Beer Joint


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This Miami staple serves free rice and chopped hamburger to dogs when their human friends buy dinner. Burger and Beer Joint is one of the best spots to take your dog when visiting southern Florida.


Grove Isle Hotel & Spa


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The Grove Isle Hotel and Spa in Miami has a great restaurant that serves upscale food to humans and dogs.


LoKal Burgers & Beer


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LoKal Burgers and Beers not only has a dog menu and free biscuits, it has a dog mascot who greets you at the door.


Le Pain Quotidien


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There isn’t a secret menu at Le Pain Quotidien, but there are jars of dog treats at each outdoor table. That should keep your pooch occupied while you enjoy a delicious meal without any begging.




Image via Flickr


When your dog flies JetBlue, she gets a carrier and a travel guide of pet-friendly places in your destination city.


Westin Hotel


Image via Luxury Travel Magazine


Westin Hotel will pamper your pup with everything from food to massages. Everyone needs a good vacation. Why not give your dog the best?



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