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Lamkin have plenty of products including 3GEN Grips, Rubber Grips, Cord Grips, Specialty Grips and Putter Grips. 3GEN Grips come in six varieties.

The R.E.L. 3GEN is the most versatile 3GEN golf grip because it is an excellent choice for golfers of every playing level.

Then there is the R.E.L. 3GEN 360 which is created specifically for adjustable clubs, free of logos and alignment markings to ensure a perfect set-up.


The Performance Plus 3GEN Wedge features a unique shape and hand-positioning guides to encourage the proper grip for short-game shots.

Perma-Wrap Classic 3GEN is a classic wrap-grip style combined with the unmatched tackiness and superior shock-absorption of 3GEN technology.

Performance Plus 3GEN is a reduced-taper design grip to minimize the effects of overactive hand releases.

Light surface pattern provides extra comfort.

Lastly there is the N-DUR 3GEN grip which comes with a unique dual-surface pattern delivering for exceptional golf grip performance and comfort.

Lamkin introduced the revolutionary 3GEN technology to its grip line which became a huge material advancement.

This synthetic rubber compound not only dampens vibration, it stays tacky in all playing conditions.

They are now offering their patent-pending 3GEN material in more grips, including the brand new R.E.L. grip line and E.B.L. putter series.

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