Free Rimmel Water Resistant Instant Tan

Here is how you can get a Free Rimmel Water Resistant Instant Tan sample.

It is a gel/cream make up that produces immediate results that shower off.

Product comes in light or medium and is matt or shimmer. Be warned the medium shimmer is intense deep brown so if you are looking for a subtle glow unless you have darker skin to begin with the result will be dramatic.


Wear gloves to apply because it will stain hands, use cosmetic sponge with a little moisturizer for hand/feet application, it will transfer onto light fabrics.

Using curtain whitener or color run remover helps reduce permanent staining.

Doesn’t dry too quickly giving time to blend, however will ‘cling’ to dry skin (knees, elbows etc) so exfoliation and moisturizer (let it soak in till dry) helps prevent this.

Not suitable for wet climates or swimming etc because it comes off on contact with water which is not a good look.

Highly recommended as a quick temporary color without the commitment of DHA products.

One thing you do have to be careful with don’t leave a blob of this on your face for any length of time before blending in, or it will leave a slightly darker patch.

Otherwise this is pretty much foolproof, and is amazing value for a product that definitely has benefits!

Get Free Rimmel Water Resistant Instant Tan

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