Free Minibon’s 25th Birthday Giveaway – Today!

On Tuesday, September 25th, your local mall-based Cinnabon bakery will be giving away free Minibon Rolls. Just stop by their Facebook page and print out your coupon. Then stop by a participating Cinnabon location with your coupon and celebrate their 25th with a free sweet treat.

The first Cinnabon store opened less then twenty years ago in 1985 and now they have over 600 locations worldwide. That’s quite an accomplishment. At times it seems the aroma of the cinnamon buns gives comfort to the weary traveler – no wonder the name is popular at airports and at roadside stops.

Their cinnamon comes from Indonesia but the Cinnamon buns are very American thanks to the flavoring. Cinnamon sticks in apple cider also give that same homey feeling. It’s also the freshness that you smell when in the vicinity of one of these places. The cinnamon buns are coming out of ovens as fresh as can be and that’s what catches people in.


Look through their web site and you will find thatt they offer a lot more. There are two selections in particular that will make you feel amazing. The first is the original cinnamon roll that is topped with “…sweet, rich, cream cheese-based frosting.”

Think gooey and sticky. These rolls are soft and full of flavour. They are just plain sinful. To help calorie conscious people ease their concerns Cinnabon came out with a mini version of the same thing the Minibon.

Then there is the Pecanbon. It’s the ultimate sin into Cinnabon’s worldly items with the addition of caramel and fresh pecans that taste so good! For the road, as a snack, one can also get their Cinnabonstix described as “… Perfect for lighter appetites, our CinnabonStix are dusted with sugar and our own Makara Cinnamon. Perfect for dipping in our cream cheese frosting.”


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