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Finish Quantum calls itself the Diamond Standard of Dishwashing, a claim endorsed by millions of satisfied consumers all over the world. Finish Quantum delivers amazing results which are flawless and gives shine, clarity and brilliance to the dishes, and makes your dishwasher turn into a champion. Moreover, the brand believes in green and environment friendly products so Finish Quantum can save you a lot of energy and helps conserve water. More and more dishwasher brands seem to recommend Finish Quantum every day.


Finish Quantum is in fact so powerful there is no need to pre-rinse even because FINISH QUANTUM uses a breakthrough mnulti-chamber technology that releases each agent when needed during the cycle. Powerful scrubbing micro-beads soften burnt-on food like lasagna. Powermax Bleach granules attack tough stains like tea and coffee. Rinse Agent gel delivers an amazing shine! Available at your local store in 10, 25, and 45 count sizes.
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When it comes to pioneering dishwashing products FINISH has been at the forefront since 1957. They are continuously innovating and rigorously testing their products to ensure excellent dish cleaning results every time and that’s why FINISH is recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide. Whatever your lifestyle demands, you can rely on FINISH to give you a brilliant, gleaming shine in every cycle. That’s their Diamond Standard claim after all!
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