Ever Wondered Why Pens Have a Hole in the Cap?

Get an inside look to solve the pen hole mystery

Everybody knows what a ballpoint pen is, and whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve either chewed on one or seen a co-worker do it.


It’s gross. And really dirty too, if you think about it..

But have you ever stopped to think why there is a hole in the pen cap?

No, It’s not there so the spit can drain out, and No it’s not there to keep the pen from drying out, and No, it’s not there simply to save money.



It’s actually there as a result of too many people accidentally swallowing the pen caps.

If you swallow the pen cap, the little hole will allow air to get through until someone can come and save you from yourself.


You can think of the hole in the pen cap as your own personal Life Alert.

Just, for your sake, from now on, keep the pen and the pen cap out of your mouth.

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