43 Cross-Breed Dogs Who Are Irresistibly Cute

Dogs are amazing pets that make coming from a long days work so rewarding.

Dogs just know how to make everything right.

No matter how bad our days were, once we get home and see our lovable best friend, we’re in heaven.

We absolutely LOVE all types of dogs, and are constantly stopping people on the street to ask, “what kind of dog is that?”.

So we decided to answer our own curiosity by writing a guide to cross-breed dogs.

Here are our favorites. Let us know who you think is the cutest in the comments.

The Irresistible Afador


Afador is a breed that resulted in mixing an Afgan Hound and a Labrador Retriever. Who would ever wonder that these two breeds can result in this irresistible puppy?


Grooming Needs: Moderate maintenance.

Training: Easy and enjoyable. Afador is inclined to its owner’s commands and obeys him. They require fewer command repetition in obeying specified instructions to please their owners who love seeing rapid results.

Temperament: They are suitable for kids and also friendly to strangers. Some of them are aloof just like their Afgan Hound parents. Some are sweet in nature like their Labrador Retriever parents.

Life Expectancy: 10 t0 12 years

Weight: 60 to 70 lbs

Height: 25 to 29 inches


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