How to Assemble a Chic, Professional Maternity Wardrobe for Under $100

Pregnancy is one of the best stages that completes one’s womanhood. Anybody can be a mother but not all women have the privilege to carry a child in their womb. There are a lot of changes that happen in a woman’s body during this stage, but they are manageable.

Part of women’s regimen is to stay gorgeous and stylish during this stage in their lives. This wish of women is already granted. A stylish pregnancy is not only possible now, but affordable as well. We will give you tips on how to put on a stylish maternity chic dress fit for your $100 budget.

The Frugality Wardrobe Skills Test

During pregnancy, there are a lot of expenditures to prepare for the upcoming member of the family. But who says that it should keep you from being stylish? It shouldn’t! Take these steps for a fashionable maternity wardrobe below $100.

1. Your Closet Is The Thing You Shop First

Yes! You can save when you buy items having a sale. However, it will save you more if you will check your on hand wardrobes first.

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Charity World

What should you check your closet for? 

Before buying new clothes for your growing tummy, you have to check the ones that can accommodate this need. You can check for loose clothes that can cater the growing size of your stomach. Try to check your favorite casual clothes you are comfortable to wear like blazers or cardigans. You may use your old but stylish clothes up to 5 months.

You may also have generous friends and families who can shop their closets for you. They may let you have a few of their preloved tops, jackets or dresses that are larger than you. Clothes made of stretchy material also make a good match for pregnant women. If they also have some loose shirts, they are perfect for that comfy sleeping attire.


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