10 Celebrities Who Went Black And Came Back

They say love conquers all! It does not have boundaries and restrictions. There are even no ifs and no buts. However, there is also an old adage saying that once you go black, you will never come back. The saying means it is hard to get back into a relationship with an ivory partner after an ebony one.

But then, this saying can’t drown everyone. In fact, here are the celebrities who managed to be in a relationship with a white after the black.



The Richest
The Richest

Madonna is one of the celebrities with the most colorful love life. At 57, she has never fallen short when it comes to men. Madonna really has a way with men even with the dark ones. Yes! That’s right! The Like A Virgin hitmaker has been dating younger men who are twice younger than her age. But prior to marrying Guy Richie in 1994, she pursued NBA player Dennis Rodman. What’s intriguing was that during their first meeting, the pop megastar enclosed her hotel room for both of them. Of course, no one is allowed to enter the room to know what these adults are doing. In fact, until now, what happened in that closed-door meeting remained unknown. After her brief affair with the black man, she married a pastry Brit.

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