7 Tips Even Savvy Couponers Need to Know

1. Get the coupons


Know where the coupons are so you can get the ones you want to use. Nowadays, coupons are everywhere. Once you take the time to sort through them and pick-out the coupons you are interested in, you will win on savings. For me, some of my coupons are from the Sunday newspaper but I get most of them from online. If you have a printer, online is a good way to print them out and bring to store. Some retailers have coupon codes also for you to purchase online and the savings are instant.

2. Newsletters


Another way is to sign-up for newsletters. If you are looking for grocery coupons or department stores, etc, registering for their newsletter will always bring you more savings in your inbox. In exchange for your e-mail address, companies like General Mills, Macys, Olive Graden, Kellogg’s, and much more have newsletters that will email you coupons, freebies and special offers.

3. Score More With Rewards Cards



Many stores offer rewards cards like: CVS, Rite Aid, Winn Dixie, Big Lots, Starbucks, PetCo, Toys R Us etc. Upon checking out, pull-out your rewards card to save even more money. Most of the items in the store will have a sign saying it is on sale with the rewards card or you may have to see their sales paper or ask an associate.

4. Organize Your Coupons



Organize your coupons by the date and make sure the expired ones are trashed. Sometimes coupons expire fast so make sure you are up-to-date with their date so you won’t take an old expired coupon to the store to be refused.

5. Match-up the deals



Go online and matchup the coupons to save even more. Many sites will tell you which newspaper inserts contain the coupons you want, by publisher (P&G, RedPlum or SmartSource), then you can match it up by how much you will save.

6. Check online


Check all the online coupon sites by doing a bing or google search by typing in coupons. Some of the sites include coupons.com, smartsource, and many more.

7. Understand which option is more cost effective

Understand which option is more cost effective for you such as driving to a store with the coupon or using a coupon code with free shipping and just waiting on the mail for the same item. Some people don’t have time to go all around town shopping and shopping online sometimes may be a better option for you.

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