65 Birthday Party Ideas for Kids That Are Cute & Affordable

affordable birthday ideas

1. Write a birthday message on their bathroom mirror


Write a birthday message on their bedroom or bathroom mirror, after you get the supplies like a erasable marker or crayon.  When they awake, the will be surprised and have a smile on their face.

2. Turn their bath into a party.


Some kids dread going to take a bath, but this time they will want to. It’s basically a party in the tub. Watch their face light up and you see how much they like it. This is their day, make it special.

3. Surprise your birthday kid with a balloon wreath when they come home from school.


When your child comes home from school and sees the balloon wreath on the front door, they will be surprised and very happy.

4. Serve up a special breakfast with a birthday candle.


When you make the birthday kid’s breakfast, add a candle to the pancakes, oatmeal or any item it can stand in. The smile they will share is priceless.

5. Encourage your fellow drivers to wish your kid a happy birthday.


Let your kid know they are special especially on their birthday. Write a honk my child is sign on your car and many people will do just that and they will get attention and love it.

6. Present your kid with a special birthday shirt to wear.


For kids at any age, this will make them feel special. For a toddler, show them the number and say it to them, you are 2 today and they may repeat it and point to their shirt.

7. Serve your kid’s food on a special birthday plate.


You can make your own or buy online from a shop that specialize in plate custom drawings. It’s very easy, just get a clean white plate and paint on or use a permanent marker.

8. A fun alternative to a birthday shirt is a birthday button.


You can buy these online or go to a craft store that sell. This is about giving them attention and making them see today is their day.

9. Have everyone in your family tell the birthday kid what they love about them.


Help boost their self esteem and tell them how much you love them. All children need to feel loved.

10. Designate a chair of honor for your birthday kid.

You can decorate it yourself or buy on online like on Etsy. Your child will feel very special.

11. Hide a present and give your birthday kid clues to find it.


This is similar to treasure hunting, but it is just hide and seek your gift. Many kids have played this game before, if they haven’t this especially will be good for them to do.

12. Make a donation to a charity of your kid’s choosing.


Teaching your kid to care about other things and people will help them learn a great lesson in life to not be selfish and see the bigger picture.

13. Make a photo slide show of the last year starring your birthday kid.


You take a lot of pictures, so why not put them to use on their special day. Make a picture slide and there are a lot of free software to download on the internet to do it. You can also go to a site like walgreens.com and use their software for a fee to print-out.

14. Pirate Party


Many kids love dressing as a pirate and playing as one. This would be a great theme to pull off for a boy or a girl.

15. Fill your birthday kid’s bedroom with balloons as they sleep.


What kid doesn’t like balloons? You can go to a store like the Dollar Tree and buy the balloons there and they will fill them up or sometimes they have balloons already ready to go for a dollar each with happy birthday on them. Your kid will love it.

16. Princess Party


Girls love dressing and playing as a princess, so why not have a theme and let them have fun?

17. Make it a tradition to measure your kid’s height on their birthday.


Every year they will grow, and showing them that will help them understand how they are getting bigger.

18. Dinosaur Party


Children love dinosaurs and this theme will be creative and fun for them.

19. Elmo Sesame Street Party


Elmo is number one in many children’s households. Let your toddler enjoy their day with a Elmo Sesame Street party!

20. Bootcamp Birthday Party

Many boys and girls will love to play boot camp at this theme’s party. Let them play rough and get exhausted.

21. Present your kid with a birthday crown.


Kids love wearing crowns and this goes with any theme party. Let them be special because this is their day.

22. Submarine Party

Give them a submarine party and you have many options of food decorations and making submarines out of paper. They will love it.

23. Tea Birthday Party


Let your girl’s have a tea party and you will have many options to have pretty decorations and food. They will always remember it.

24. Lego Star Wars Party


Two great party themes together will make a special day for the kids.

25. Airplane Party


Airplanes fascinate kids and they would love having this theme for their party. The decorations and food are limitless. You can come up with creative ideas to make all kinds of airplanes.

26. Have a birthday countdown.


Make a calendar for them to know when it’s their day, and when the day comes, at the party you can sing the countdown song and how old they are. This is a fun idea.

27. Army Party


Boys will love this idea for their party theme. They love to play and dress up in army gear.


28. Backwards Party


Have a backwards everything party for your kids. Let them have a fun goofy time.

29. You can also surprise them with a “balloon avalanche.”


The more balloons the merry. You can’t have a party without balloons.

30. Barnyard Party


Get the barnyard theme going for a good ole’ country time. They will enjoy it.

31. Blue’s Clues Party


Blue’s clues the dog will light up their party with this theme. Let them have fun and enjoy it.

32. Individually wrap the items in your birthday kid’s lunch.


Kid’s loves surprises and this is a great way to make them smile.

33. Bowling Party


Bowling will be a fun theme for them. Let your kid’s have a bowling party. You can have it at a bowling aisle, at home, inside or outside. The possibilities are limitless.

34. Celebrity Star

Boys and girls singing

Let your kid’s act like their favorite star. They could have a karaoke day and have fun at the party.

35. Circus Party


This theme is very fun for them. Bring the circus to your home and they will remember it for a lifetime.

36. Construction Party


This theme is fun and they will have so much fun.

37. Dog party


Your kid will love this theme if they love dogs.

38. Dora The Explorer Party


Make a Dora The Explorer theme for your child. Add a Dora doll, decorations and get a cake. Your kids will love the party.

39. Fairy Party


Have a fairy theme party. You can have it inside or outside and let the kids have fun.

40. Fashion Makeover Party


Let your girls have one day of dress-up and make-up fun. They can wear pretty dresses, do their hair and make-up and take pictures.

41. Harry Potter Party


Let your kids have a Harry Potter theme party. You can find decorations online and even those Harry Potter glasses. They will have fun.

42. Incredibles Birthday


Get all the little superheroes together to have the time of their life. This theme will make the birthday kid smile.

43. Tell your kid the story of their birth.


Time goes by so fast and the birthday kid should know the story of how they came into the world. Make their birthday special with this story.

44. Knights Party


Have a Knight’s party theme and your kid’s can dress up, eat cake and have fun.

45. Have an entire birthday week


Instead of celebrating one day, make a week out of it. One day you could take them to Chucke Cheese’s, the next day go to the park, then the arcade room, the mall, etc. Just find something to do with them and have a fun time for a week.

46. Luau Party


Have a luau party and gather your food, decorations and you can even play some luau type music to set the party right. The kids can dance and have fun.

47. Magic Party


Have a magic party. Get all your decorations together, you can go online and do a search for fun magic party gifts. You can do your own tricks or hire a professional, either way the kids will have a blast.

48. Mystery Party


Have a mystery party for the kids. Have special items hidden to let them search and find out what the mysteries are. This will keep them intrigued and also happy.

49. NASCAR Racing Party


Have a kids Nascar racing party. Get the Nascar cars together, the decorations and food and let them go wild and have fun.

50. Spongebob Party


Have a Spongebob party for the kids. The birthday kid will love this and you can get a set-up similar to the image here. Add lots of food and drink and they will have fun.

51. Sports Party


Have a sports party for the kids. Add footballs, baseball and more as cakes, cookies, decorations and let them enjoy themselves.

52. Spy Detective


Have a kids spy detective party. You can get them to dress-up as detectives. Make the spy food and drinks so the detectives can have a blast.

53. Star Wars Party


Does your kid love Star Wars? Then they will love this theme as their birthday party. You can make cookies with Star Wars decorations; have a costume for the birthday kid to be a Star Wars character. They will remember it forever.

54. Superhero Party


Have a superhero party. You make or buy their cape and costumes. They will love this.

55. Have a Cat Party


Have a cat themed party. Let them dress-up as cats and have a lot of cat decorations.

56. Finding Nemo Party


Have a Finding Nemo party. You can have the DVD playing for them to look at also, along with decorations and food.

57. Pool Party


If it’s hot out this would be a great theme for the kids to cool off and have fun.

58. Wild West Party


This is a fun theme for the kids to play with at the party.

59. Winnie the Pooh Party


Have a Winnie The Pooh party and have a great time.

60. Wizard Party


Get their potions, spells and magic ready for the wizard birthday party.

61. Chocolate making party


Kids love chocolate, so having a chocolate making party is a great idea.

62. Teddy bear party


Have a teddy bear party. You can have it outside or inside. They will love it.

63. Outside party


Have an outside party. You can have everything outside and let the kids have fun in the fresh air. Let them run, play and have fun outside at the party.

64. Kid’s spa day party


let her get pampered on her birthday with her friends. They will talk about it forever.

65. Candy making party


Making candy and eating it is so fun for them


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