63 Adorable DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas


These 63 Adorable DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas will inspire you to choose the right invitation for you!

1. Message in a bottle


Easy DIY, just get the small bottles as pictured here,  add your invites inside and you also can add a sticker on the outside. This is great for a beach themed wedding too.

2. Typography


Using typography to tell the story can be an adorable idea and adds a personal spin on the invitation.

3. Rustic wedding invitations


Get rustic wedding invitations. Just get some old paper and add your old letter typing and decorations.

4. Picture invitations


Add a lot of pictures to your wedding invitations.

5. Flow chart invite




A simple flow chart invite is more up your street? Simple, yet still tons of fun!

6. Reel of film


The invite on the inside of a reel of film. Genius!

7. Thumb prints


Very creative idea of using thumb prints to create a heart. Simple and effective.

8. Balloon invitation


Have your guests blow up the balloon to reveal the details of the day.

9. Ball invitation


If you’re getting married, DIY ball invitations. This is a creative way to send your invitations.

10. Funny invites


Invites with a fun RSVP are always a great laugh and would be a great way to send cheer with the invites.

11. Travelers invitation


You can send your travel invitations to let the guests know the location and other information.

12. Scratch and sniff


Add some good smelling scratch and sniff stickers to your invitations.

13. Eco-friendly


Having eco-friendly biodegradeable invitations to keep the earth healthy.

14. Colorful invite


40.A 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch rectangular card is the traditional size and shape for wedding invitations. But couples are also channelling more playful or modern vibes with circular, scalloped and square invitations. Just keep in mind: Veering away from the standard envelope size can increase the postage — bulky or extra-large invites may cost more to send.

15. Folded paper designs


Get folded paper designs

16. Have a drinks invitation


17. Barnyard wedding invitations


Have a rustic barnyard wedding invitation sent to all of your guests for the special day.

18. The Movie Parody


63-Adorable-DIY-Wedding-look like

You always wanted to look like a celebrity, so here’s your chance.

20. Use a pencil

Use a pencil and handwrite fab idea for a wedding invite!

21. Paper Airplane Maps

Paper Airplane Maps

You are having a secret destination. You should show them on a map and also do it in a clever way.

22. Chocolate bar


Who doesn’t love something sweet? Invitees a yummy bar of chocolate with a custom made wrapper that featured the details of their wedding on the inside.

23. Tiny Box of Tiny Figurines


You could assemble your own and add in a box. Very cute idea.

24. Mini Easel Set

Mini easel set is a fun way to invite your guests.

25. Confetti Explosion


You can DIY with your own paper and confetti is very fun.

26. Custom


Custom wedding invitations are very easy to make. You can add flowers to it or anything you can come up with.

27. Save the Date Paper Dolls


You can print out dolls over the internet and cut them out and add your text for your invite.

28. Spinner Cards


These invites are very creative. Just cut-out the size you want to make them and add ribbon or similar material.

29. Scratch-Off Paint Cards


Get the directions here. You could hide the location, date or any information you want.

30. A pull out invite


A pull out invite is another fun and inventive way of inviting your friends and family.

31. The 3D Secret Decoder Message


Use a 3D decoder for your invites. This is very clever and it will keep them in suspense.

32. Photo Strip Bookmarks


A very creative way to invite your guests is with bookmark strips. They will keep them and always remember it.

33. Watercolor Cards


Do you love to paint, then why not make a watercolor invite. You can pick up your supplies in store or online.

34. Simple Luggage Tags


These are very simple DIY for your invites, make luggage tags. Your invite is for a special destination and they have to use luggage, so this makes since.

35. The Chalk Photo


Stage your photo with chalk and take the pictures. Your guests will see your creativity shine.

36. Tying the Knot


Literally use tying the knot cards. This is a simple DIY and it is very clever.

37. Plant Markers With Plantable Paper


Use handmade paper that has plant seed inside that can still germinate when the paper is planted in soil. This is eco-friendly and creative.

38. Scratch card invite


Get a scratch card invite to reveal the date of your big day

39. The Burlap Pouch


Make a printed burlap pouch for your invites. You can fill it with goodies also. Your guests will love this!

40. The Film Canister


This is a creative way to surprise invite your guests. They won’t know what it is until they open it.

41. The Library Card


This is an easy DIY project for your wedding invites. Once you complete it, you can also give them a book to go along with the card.

42. The Mix Tape


Put all of your romantic songs on one CD or tape, if your’e old fashioned. At the end you can say come to our wedding in your voice, it will be a good surprise. Tell them to listen to it till the end.

43. Match Books


Your guests will love these match books invites.

44. Test Tubes Filled with Tea


45. The 7”


You can make with paper or repackage vintage 45s, you can find in some thrift stores.

46. Screen-Printed Hankies


Just get some handkerchiefs and add your text.

47. The Infographic


Make a informative sheet. This is a great way to invite your guests.

48. Video

Make a wedding invitation video and email it to your guests. You can DIY with your camcorder.

49. The Flipbook


You can put photos of you and your mate to show your first date and more.

50. Important Objects Collage


Get many objects to display your invite.

51. The Bed of Moss


Very nice to do if you have an outside wedding.

52. Gold-Embossed Cards


This is a cheap way DIY cards, very nice.

53. The Printed Balloon


Use a balloon that they have to inflate to view the invite.

54. Temporary Tattoos


You can easily make these with a printer. Just get your tattoo paper online and your’e all set.

55. Vintage Key + Luggage Tag


This will be a keep-sake gift they will always have.

56. The Picnic Set


You can DIY and get your supplies online or in-store. Very smart idea.

57. Felt Heart Magnets


Find out how to do here. Your guests will keep these forever.

58. Dangling wedding invitations


Dangling wedding invitations are very easy to make. Print out the text and you can add flowers or any other item.

59. Plane tickets


If you are having your wedding a place you have to ride a plane to get to, then why not use plane tickets as your invitation? Cute idea.

60. Poem invites


Poem invites are a clever way to invite for your wedding. Let your poem show them what love means to you.

61. Sing your invite


Share your song invite digitally, or send a hard copy via flash drive or CD.

62. Print on wood


Go different, print on wood is clever and unique.

63. Send with gifts


Send your invitation inside a gift bag, filled with goodies.

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