5 Tips on How to Get Free Samples

Helpful Tips

If you love free samples then you know that to increase your chances of getting that freebie then you will need to be a little organized. Having all the right tools can increase your chances of getting that item in your mailbox. Here are 5 tips for getting the most out of your freebie hunting.

Set-up a special email

  • Most companies want you to submit an email so that they can send you other offers, coupons or their weekly email newsletters.
  • Smart freebie hunters know that having a dedicated email account that they use for free offers and contest entries keeps your regular email spam free and easy to manage.
  • We think that a free email from Gmail is your best bet. It allows you to organize your offers and confirm those that require you to do so with very little effort.
  • Gmail is a free service from Google.
  • Just select an easy to remember email like FreebiesSmith@gmail.com so you can easily keep your main account spam free and your freebie hunting email easy to access.
  • Check this email once a week to confirm offers and trash those you have reviewed.

Set up a free phone number

I hate getting calls from people trying to sell me things.  It’s frustrating but truth be told, if you submit your phone number, you are opening yourself up for many calls. Some companies sell their lists to third parties and others use the list for contacting you about their other products and offers.

  • Select a free phone number from Google Voice.
  • Google Voice let’s you have a phone number that shows in the system as valid but the great thing is you’ll never be bothered with phone calls.
  • It’s a fun service and best of all free! You can have one dedicated redirect so you are never bothered again!
  • Click here to learn more and sign up! (Link: https://support.google.com/voice/answer/115061?hl=en)

Find sites you like and follow them

It’s important that you find sites that you like and then follow them so that you have a consistent flow of offers to sign up for.

  • Sign up for their emails so you get their top offers everyday/week
  • Pick 4-5 sites so that you get a mix of the best offers
  • Sign up for all the offers to increase your chances of getting a sample in the mail

Follow your favorite sites on social media

Many brands have feeds that you can follow on social media. Following these channels will not only keep you advised of the top offers and deals.

  • Check twice a day
  • Like and Comment on posts so you can continue to see them in your feed
  • If you request a sample from an offer you see on social media share that offer with your friends tell them that you just got a free sample. This gives you a running record of what you have requested.

Things to Remember

  • Not every sample requested will be sent
  • Not every sample is full sized
  • Most samples arrive in 4-8 weeks
  • Don’t get upset if you don’t get a sample you requested
  • If you request samples everyday then you should begin getting a steady supply in about 8 weeks
  • Thank companies when you get a sample from them on social media. That encourages them to offer more samples!

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