5 Steps to Get Free Makeup Samples by Writing to Companies

1. Location



Locate the companies who make what you want. Do a search on yahoo, bing, duckduckgo, or google for the manufacturer or distributor who has the say in sending out those samples. If you can’t find it address your letter to Dear sir or madam.

2. Make a list


Make a list of all the products you want to inquire about getting a free sample. Many companies that regularly dish-out samples can be found on this site you’re reading or they may want to start giving away samples to increase their sales if they don’t already give samples away.

3. Write to the company 



Write to the company by email or mail. Make sure your letter is brief and to the point or nine times out of ten, it will get ignored. Ask them for a free sample to try out their product to see if you would be a customer if the product is for you.

4. Know who you are writing to


Know who you are writing to. The head person in-charge will surely think about this and you may get a response that you are seeking; If not, the companies you do get samples from, just make sure to become a customer with them if you do like their product. Also tell them that many companies are doing this now and it can only benefit them in the long run to offer sending out samples.

5. Offer the companies referrals


Offer the company referrals. In your message to the company, make sure to tell them you will refer your friends by facebook or twitter to try out your product. Companies appreciate you helping them that way and many will surely send you samples if you have a good plan like this and follow through with it. Just watch the samples pour in to you and you will think it’s always a try before you buy way from now on!

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