Great Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Free Samples

Giving out free samples is a strategy most used by companies to create awareness of their new products. If you haven’t given much attention to free samples and hardly sign up for them you might change your mind after reading this. This post will help you understand what you are missing by not signing up for free samples!


Signing up for a free sample gives you the opportunity to try the product before you decide to buy it. Sampling a product can save you money because you can “try before you buy”. This way you prevent yourself from spending money only to find out that the product is not really what you expected.

Sometimes you come across a sample for a product you’ve never tried before. By having a chance to try the product you might discover it’s something you can’t live without!


If you don’t like it there’s no loss just toss the rest of the sample. If multiple samples came in the package you can gift them to a friend.

When you sign up for samples make sure you have a dedicated email address so you can keep track of your samples and send any confirmations that you might receive.

Here are some tips for signing up for free samples:

  • Sign up for as many as you can so you increase your chances of getting samples by mail
  • Have a dedicated email so you can keep track of your requests and avoid an inbox that is full of spam
  • Sign up for a Google phone number so you never have to give out your cell or home phone
  • Don’t expect that you will get every sample you request
  • Alway share the wealth if you get something that you don’t want or really need
  • Use the coupons (if sent) to save even more on full sized versions

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