5 Easy and Healthy Breakfasts

Easy and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is so important.  Long gone are the days that I can skip breakfast and not have a huge headache before 10am.  Pinterest has a host of ideas for quick and easy breaks that are healthy too!  Follow us on Pinterest now so you always can see what we’ve been pinning! Here are some of our recent favorite pins in the area of healthy (and easy) breakfast ideas.

Lil Luna

Avocado Bacon and Eggs from Lil Luna

This is sooo good. We used turkey bacon and they came out amazing!  They were ready in about 10 minutes and paired with a piece of whole wheat toast, were for sure one of the most filling breakfast ideas yet!  Tons of healthy goodness in this recipe too!  We added a few dices greens from the end of a green onion and loved the results!



Banana, Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake from Cooking Classy

This was almost like dessert! It is packed full of protein however and really good on the go. It was a thick and creamy shake and best made with yellow, not brown bananas.  You can sprinkle a few mini chocolate chips on the top but that is mainly for looks.  Your friends will want to know why you are drinking a chocolate shake for dessert for sure!


Easy Oatmeal from Another Root

Who knew oats could taste so good!  Plus by making them up in mason jars you have a handy way to prep, store and carry your meal.  The ideas for flavorful additions to mix things up makes this an easy meal that you can enjoy each day and not get bored. Our favorite was Almond Butter and Jelly.

gren smoothie

The Green Morning Smoothie from The Green Forks

Starting your morning off with lots of vitamins, protein and fiber is always a smart choice. We added Chia seeds to make sure that this had plenty of protein to get us going with a boost of energy in the morning and it worked!  You can use a variety of green veggies in this smoothie so if the taste is not right for you right off the bat then just adjust what you add to make it a better tasting smoothie for you.

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