5 Cupcakes We Want to Eat Now

1 cupcakes to eat

There are some amazing recipes on the internet. I mean, I remember the days of just having cookbooks but hey-there’s nothing like going on Pinterest and getting to see all the different versions of recipe and everyones special take on them.  Cupcakes are one of these things that you can find a ton of recipes on. They come in every flavor you can think of!

Here are 5 cupcakes we want to eat right now!

French Toast Cupcakes

french toast cupcakes

Hello!!!! I love french toast! Now you are telling me I can have it in cupcake form? Now that’s a winning idea!  Try this recipe from Bakingdom.com.


Jack and Coke Cupcakes

Jack and coke cipcakes

These just look fun right?  I’ve never had Jack and Coke anything other than the drink. Our interest is peaked! Check it out on StressingBaking.com


Mochaccino Cupcakes

mocha cpcakes

Pretty and super cute is one way to describe this little number!  These cupcakes just look amazing! I love the presentation too! Get the recipe on Living Better Together.


Pancake Breakfast Cupcake

pancake cupcakes

Pancake Breakfast Cupcake…A fluffy buttermilk pancake cupcake topped with a maple buttercream frosting and a garnished with piece of crispy bacon and maple syrup. Breakfast never tasted so good! Get the recipe on Butterheartssugar.com.

Maple Bacon Cupcakes

bacon cupcakes

Yummy! It’s like breakfast in a a cupcake!  Sweet, salty and of course with a little crunch. Grab the recipe on That Flour Child.


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