20 Family Christmas Traditions To Try

Free Samples 20 Family Christmas Traditions To Try

Christmas traditions are a special part of the holidays for many families.  Many have been passed down for generations.  For those who have just started their families or are looking to for a new tradition to start here are some great ones.

Drive Around Looking At Christmas Lights

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This is a fun Christmas Tradition.  Some people go all out with computer controlled light shows that are simply amazing to watch.

Read A Classic Christmas Story

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Reading a Christmas Story on Christmas Eve is a classic tradition shared by many families.

Make Baked Goods For Your Neighbors

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Making baked goods for the neighbors is a great way to spread Christmas Cheer.

Make a Family Keepsake or Craft

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Making Family Keepsakes at Christmas is a tradition that is often passed down for generations.

New PJ’S For Christmas Morning

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An early present on Christmas Eve of New PJ’S is so much fun for the kids and absolutely adorable.

Deliver Christmas Treats To Emergency Service Men And Women

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Law Enforcement and Firefighters often have to work on Christmas.  It’s selfless act that is part of their jobs.  Show your appreciation by giving them some treats for Christmas.

Cook A Special Meal Together

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The best Christmas Meals are the one prepared as a family!

Snowman Pancake Breakfast

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A Snowman Pancake Breakfast is a fun Christmas Tradition to start with the kids.  Some Blueberries, Strawberries, Bacon, Marshmallows and or Whip Cream and you have all the ingredients to create amazing Christmas memories.

Visit A Park Or City With A Lit Christmas Tree

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Attending a Christmas Tree Lighting is so much fun.  The anticipation and the count down creates such a magical moment.

Living Room Campout By The Christmas Tree

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Indoor Campouts are so memorable and fun with the kids during Christmas.

Write Letters To Santa

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Writing Letters To Santa is a classic tradition that’s still a favorite today.

Advent Calendars

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Advent Calendars are great for little kids.  Let the count down begin.

Drawing Names For Presents

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Drawing Names For Presents is a great way to get everyone together for Christmas.

The White Stocking

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Hang a White Stocking from the mantel at the beginning of December so everyone can drop notes in it about what they are most thankful for or would give like to give to Christ.

Caroling And Treats

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Bring some treats to your friends and family and amaze them with some Christmas Carols.

Go See A Live Nativity

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I highly recommend going to see a Live Nativity.  It’s a great way to teach kids the meaning of Christmas.

Look At Old Christmas Albums

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Bring back those Christmas Memories by looking at old Christmas Photo Albums.

Candy Cane Hunt

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A Candy Cane Hunt is a great tradition to help tire out the kids on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Movie

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There are of course several Christmas Movies to choose from.  Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is a childhood favorite.

Christmas Treats For Pets

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 9.35.29 PM

Lots of families include their pets in Christmas Traditions. However caring for your pets can become a little hard during the Holidays.  Traveling, shopping, wrapping presents, Christmas Parties, ETC.  A Turbo Pup Bar is a meal bar to help you feed your dogs while your on the go.  Feeding them a Turbo Pup Bar will also feel like your giving them a special treat while your busy with your Christmas doings.



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