19 Nail Designs for Summer

 19 nail designs for summer

1. French and blue diamond mix


French manicure and blue diamond mix is a great combo for a sassy look for summer. You can wear a pretty blue dress and sandals or heels.

 2. Blue and gold shimmer mix


Blue and gold shimmer mix has pizazz. The mix is in this year and the right combination will give you the look.

3. Orange with stones 


Orange with stones will go great with a sun dress and open-toed shoes. Match your feet with your hands and you are on and popping.

4. Rockstar nails


Rockstar nails will bring the ump to any outfit you wear. Although your nails will override everything else you have going on, they will stand-out and get all the looks. Rock on!

5. Cool colors


Cool colors are so summery. Your options of dress are limitless. But a nice summer dress and sandals will go great with this pedicure. Get your manicure the same way.

6. Purple flowers 


Purple with white flowers design is awesome. You can wear some shorts and a tank top and be cool and fly with this design.

7. Pink


Pink & bling is nice. You don’t have to add the bling, but it is a nice asset. You can wear a nice pair of capri pants and a shirt with pink in it.

8. Artistic pink

Artistic pink. This would look great on your toes also. This will look good with anything you wear.

9. Plain Purple 


Purple is awesome. Plain purple is a classic and is still rocking. Throw your jeans and t-shirt on with your sandals and you’re ready.


10. Metallic love 

Silver or metallic toe-nails to go to your party in style. Wear something shiny to go with it.

11. Classic red or burgundy

You can never go wrong with red or burgundy nail polish and a cute pair of high-heels.

12. Green polish mix


Green polish or shoes are awesome with a mix of other colors on one nail.

13.Plain nude


Plain nude is nice and will go with anything. Wear a cute pair of heels like these.

14. French


Sometimes plain & french is great, change it up. This will go with anything you wear.

15. The wild look


The wild look will wow. Wear a nice sun dress and a pair of sandals or heels.

16.  American flag


American flag design is very cute. Throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with your sandals.

17. Pretty mix


 Pretty mix is very cool. Switch up your designs with this and you will love it.

18. cartoon nails


 You will love cartoon nails. Very fun and an eye-catcher.

19. America flag green mix


Another way for America flag. American flag with green mix is very cute.

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