13 Ways to Get Ready for Summer

1. Update your AC


Update your AC by getting a professional to test it to make sure it doesn’t need any maintenance or has any problems. You need your air-conditioner for those 80-90 degree temperatures the summer brings.

2. Get a coolant flush on your car


Get a coolant flush on your car will help your car in the long run; It will removes contaminants, rust and deposits and is a sort of protection from corrosion. Call your mechanic to schedule this service for the summer.

3. Garden outside your home


Add a garden outside of your home and you will enjoy being outside. A garden is refreshing and lovely to look at.

4. Clean your home


They always say do spring cleaning, but you should clean again in the summer. Dust always accumulate and you need to vacuum, wipe down tables, computers, and anywhere dust or dirt will build-up.

5. Dye your hair a lighter color



Dye your hair a lighter color. This is for those brunettes or black head people. Summer should be lighter and cooler and dying your hair will be fun for the summer.

6. Buy new swimsuits



Buy new swimsuits for the summer. Treat yourself to a new bikini or one-piece, whichever you choose. Go to the beach and get some relaxation time in. You work all year and you deserve something for you.

7. Get a manicure




Get a manicure for the summer. Choose lighter colors for your polish like red, orange, green, yellow, pink or more. Summer is always about colors that are fun and pretty. By the way, red polish is wearable year round.

8. Add flowers inside your home


Add flowers inside your home. You can put them in many rooms to fill your home with their nice scent and they are very pretty to look at.

9. Get a pedicure


Get a pedicure for the summer. Your feet should be nice for when you wear your sandals or open-toed shoes. Make sure you don’t have any calluses, corns, hard skin or cracks when you show them.

10. Buy new summer clothes



Buy new summer clothes such as dresses, shorts, capri pants, daisey dukes, tank tops, you can also throw a pair of pants in the mix.

11. Clean your pool


Clean your pool to be ready for the summer. No one wants to get in a pool that is not maintained. Clean your pool and get ready to have some fun.

12. Get an haircut


Get an haircut for the summer. Having shorter hair keeps you cooler and it looks awesome also.

13. Buy new summer shoes



Buy new summer shoes. You can get sandals, heels, flats, just make sure they are cute and cool.

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