10 ways to use Coffee Filters

10 ways to use Coffee Filters

You needed coffee filters, you picked some up at the dollar store and now you have enough filters to brew coffee for life! What can you do with them all other than use them for coffee? Check out some of these creative ideas that you can do to get the biggest bang for your buck.

1. Instead of wasting a paper towel to cover up your food plate when re-heating in the microwave, use a coffee filter. They make great covers.

2. Clean window, mirrors, anything shiny. Coffee filters, unlike paper towels are lint free so they will not leave behind those pesky lint pieces everywhere.

3. Do not just stack your perfect chinaware on top of each other. Place a coffee filter in between plates and bowls when putting them away.


4. Did you just buy a lovely bottle of wine and when you corked it some of the cork fell into the wine? Use a coffee filter to solve this problem.

5. Put a coffee filter in your cast iron skillet. It will help to prevent rust and will absorb any type of moisture.

6. Shine up your shoes. Instead of using a towel to apply shoe polish, use a coffee filter. Again, they are lint free and work great.

7. When weighing your ingredients on a kitchen scale for dinner, place a coffee filter on your scale and measure the food into the filter. This will help you save time on clean-up.

8. Don’t want all your ingredients to fall out when eating that tasty taco? Wrap a coffee filter around it to help prevent everything making a huge mess.

9. Did you nick yourself while shaving in the morning? Keep some coffee filters in your bathroom to help with those shaving mishaps. They really work.

10. Sprinkle some baking soda into a coffee filter and place inside of your shoes. This helps to absorb or prevent odors.

Be creative with the things that you have on hand. You don’t always need to create more trash, more dishes, or more messes. Use the items that are in your home that are the least amount of money to buy. You will amaze yourself at how creative your brain can get!

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