Free Women’s Venus Razor Sample Pack

posted on February 2, 2013 at 2:19 pm

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Click here to get started on the way to free Venus Razors.

Razors are so expensive. A pack of razors can run upwards of $20! There’s no wonder why some grocery stores put razors behind a lock and cage.

So today when I discovered this free offer forwomen’s Venus Razors, and was really excited.

So here’s the thing, to actually get the free razor offer, you need to go through a battery of questions. There are a total of 6-7 pages of questions asking you all sorts of things. If you see any that interest you (I signed up for coupons for discount on delivery food), signup for them, otherwise just keep clicking ‘NEXT’.

At the end of the signup pages, you get to the Proctor and Gamble page where you can get a free sample and a coupon for Venus Razors.

Click here to get started on the way to free Venus Razors.


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