Free Samples of Mineral Makeup

posted on October 5, 2012 at 7:17 am

If you want a smooth lasting complexion that simply wows people, you need the right foundation.

Signature Minerals have a whole range of cosmetics designed for a variety of skin types which you will love wearing.

Now you can try free samples of Mineral Makeup from Signature Minerals! Blended from all-natural minerals, Signature cosmetics work with your skin to bring out your own natural radiance and beauty.

Unlike regular liquid or powder makeup that wears on your skin like a mask – this silky mineral makeup wears as light as a feather, yet provides a beautiful finish that lasts all day.

They have a Free Sampler Pack offer for anyone trying Signature Minerals for the first time and even for their current customers who wish to sample different shades.

You can choose up to six shades in the Free Sampler Pack.

You can also avail their Samples Unlimited offer which is designed for those who want to sample the same shade more than once, get more than 6 samples in the same order, or have their eye color samples in jars.

There is absolutely NO LIMIT – order as many or as few as you want for 2.50 each.

You just can’t go wrong with the free samples!

Sampling allows you to know exactly what works or doesn’t work for you and ensures that you ONLY purchase the products you love in full size.

Get Free Samples of Mineral Makeup

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